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User centred digital services

User needs lie at the heart of successful digital services. Making technology that works for people is about understanding and meeting these needs as they change and evolve over time. At SFW that means creating a compelling, scalable, end-to-end solution that will delight your users and lead to better services, new sources of revenue, or lower cost of transaction. 
Whether you want to introduce a new service, overhaul an existing one, move a paper-based service online or add an external channel to an internal application, our multi-disciplinary team can help. User experience designers and technology specialists work with you using Agile methods in a collaborative approach which puts business value at the centre of application development.


User centred online services resulting in delighted users, lower cost per transaction or new sources of revenue:

Products and Services

No matter where you are in your implementation journey we can help:
2. Discovery
3. Alpha
4. Beta
5. Live Operation and Continual Improvement
6. Agile Development


Practice Lead:
Richard Press Envelope

Down Notch

Delivery expertise for the entire application lifecycle

Across each of our business practices we support your applications end-to-end, from discovery and design to development and management.

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