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Managed Services Document Set

The Managed Services Document Set (the MSDS) comprises three main documents:

 1. the Service Description (the SD), giving a description of all services which can be subscribed to
 2. the Service Level Agreement (the SLA), setting out the actual services taken and, for each, the extent of provision, and the levels associated with each service
 3. the Additional Contractual Terms (ACT), which sets out the specific terms relating to the provision of services under the SLA.

You will have received a copy of these when you initially agreed to your Managed Services contract. For subsequent annual renewals, you will only be sent your SLA Schedule, which details the actual services taken, along with a link to this web page, where you can access the full Managed Services Document Set. When used with your Schedule, they will provide you with the full detail on the services you have taken, along with the complete set of available services from SFW Ltd.

These documents in themselves do not comprise a contract but would be associated with the Schedule you received from us at the time of renewal, along with one or other of the following:

  • a SFW proposal or contract renewal notice for Managed Services along with SFW’s Standard Contractual Terms
  • a customer-specific contract setting out the scope of work and providing the general contractual terms. Under this scenario the MSDS will be included as Schedules.

The Managed Services Document Set (April 2015 to March 2016):

SFW Managed Services SD v14.1.pdf
QME676 Managed Services SLA v13.0.pdf
SFW Managed Services ACT v3.0.pdf

SFW Standard Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Services Software and Computer Equipment.pdf



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