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Systems and processes delivering more – for less

Public sector represents the largest part of our business and we thrive on software challenges where user experience is the focus of a compelling online solution. If your requirement relates to automating complex systems and processes or migrating your software or infrastructure to the cloud, the chances are we’ve done it before.
As an applications specialist with particular strengths in improving services and lowering operating costs, we work with 100 public sector organisations across environment, business, criminal justice, health, culture, and local government, including the Home Office, Cabinet Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Defra, DECC, the Environment Agency and Acas. 
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How to buy

We’re committed to delivering value and making it as easy as possible for you to buy our services at a fair price and get your project started quickly.

When you’re rolling out a new initiative, you need guidance and we have a great deal of experience in assessing requirements, scheduling projects and agreeing service levels in a climate of openness.

Buying from SFW is easy:

Over 75% of our entire business is conducted through procurement frameworks, particularly our high demand cloud migration and CRM services, listed on G-Cloud. These frameworks have proved invaluable in cutting lead times and ensuring alignment with the EU, government ICT strategy, GDS and initiatives such as Cloud-First:

  • G-Cloud - No need for lengthy procurements – with G-Cloud there’s just five simple procurement steps to buying 22 SFW cloud products and services across Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and specialist cloud services
  • ConsultancyONE – Access to information and communications technology consultancy with SFW one of just 15 government approved and recommended suppliers
  • Digital Services Framework – A flexible and speedy route to finding people or teams with the right capabilities to deliver your agile software development
Animal & Plant Health Agency

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UK Government

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82% of the UK population is online and they have high expectations of what makes a good digital service.

The GDS service manual is intended to help service managers and digital delivery teams to design and deliver better services by putting users first.

It’s made up of two things:

  • Digital by Default Service Standard, a list of criteria that services and teams must meet before they go live
  • Government Service Design Manual, a pool of guidance and advice about how to design and build digital services from teams across government
Think differently about digital delivery

To help you deliver digital services in line with the standards, we share our inside-out knowledge of the service manual and its application. We’ve already worked through the process with many clients, including the Environment Agency and Acas.

A project’s alignment with the standard is reviewed after different phases of the project lifecycle. Pass your panel review first time with the SFW Readiness Assessment – a review of your project against all 18 criteria within the standard with recommendations for corrective action.

Surrey Police

Case Study:
Online Policing
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Security Industry Authority

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Hosting and
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Moving to the Cloud

The way we think about running and managing our applications is evolving. More and more organisations are moving in-house or datacentre hosted servers into the cloud to mitigate risk and manage costs.

The bulk of new IT spend in 2016

Our cloud migration service is ideal for government organisations looking for a move to the cloud. It’s a best-practice approach, with a focus on ROI, and offers clarity of costs and benefits, evaluation and planning, and reduced cost per migration.

SFW’s cloud solutions provide fully functional applications on-demand and priced on a per-user basis, as well as a managed or self-service cloud infrastructure built upon a private, public, community or hybrid cloud.

Many cite security as their main concern when it comes to considering cloud. To allay fears about where your data will be stored and who will have access to it, our service is built around ISO27001, ISO 9001, ITIL, Cyber Essentials Plus, adherence to CESG’s 14 Cloud Security Principles and experience in handling the most sensitive government applications, including Official and Official (Sensitive).

User Experience

In order to build services so good that people prefer to use them, user experience has to sit at the heart of digital services.

SFW starts with really understanding your user needs, and then using these as the basis for decision making throughout the service lifecycle.

We form multidisciplinary teams combining the best of traditional technical delivery with user research and user experience design, all working collaboratively with subject matter experts to build services which delight users.

Environment Agency

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The National Archives

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User Research
and Discovery
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Our user experience experts typically employ the following techniques and approaches:  

  • Workshops and interviews
  • User diaries
  • Wireframes
  • Paper prototypes
  • Personas
  • Surveys
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Card sorting
  • Analytics review
  • User stories
  • Content evaluation study
  • IA tree testing
  • Interaction design
  • Accessibility testing
  • Usability testing

  • Partnership
  • Our Approach
  • Call Me Back

Some of our public sector clients

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  • Environment Agency
  • Department of Energy & Climate Change
  • Surrey Police
  • Defra
  • Ministry of Justice
  • acas
  • Home Office
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Cabinet Office
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