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SFW strengthens position on Digital Services framework
28 August 2015
SFW improves application lifecycle support under the government Digital Services framework

SFW has extended the services it offers under the latest iteration of the government’s Digital Services framework, launched recently as DSF2.

DSF2 will enable SFW to provide people, teams and outcomes for ‘digital projects’ across the UK public sector. SFW was successful in three key categories:
  • Software engineering and ongoing support
  • Agile product design and delivery
  • User research

SFW Chief Technology Officer, Gavin Harte, stated: “Success in these three important areas means we can improve the services we provide to our customers. The extended coverage means we can support organisations across the whole lifecycle providing continuity across the Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live phases.”

Now in its second iteration, the Digital Services framework remains central to improving public sector access to the suppliers capable of supporting the delivery of digital projects and capable of working in an agile way, complying with the Government Service Design Manual and delivering services that are ‘digital by default',
DSF2 is part of the Digital Marketplace, which replaced the CloudStore late last year, and is helping customers to find and compare providers of digital project resources more easily.

SFW’s portfolio of products and public sector credentials are driving its success in this highly competitive market. Current projects include:
  • Houses of Parliament: optimising application performance for daily publications
  • Homes and Communities Agency: developing the collaborative ‘New-Build’ investment management application
  • Defra: improving communications to 5000 stakeholders through SFW's CRM solution


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