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SFW India Pvt. Ltd Opens
10 September 2013
SFW launches new offices and a wholly owned subsidiary in Vadodara, India

SFW Ltd is delighted to announce the opening of SFW India's new offices in Vadodara, India, and the commencement of trading of SFW India Pvt. Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of SFW Ltd.  Located in Vadodara’s prime commercial district in the recently built Ozone building, SFW India offers a purpose-built environment for Software development, technical collaboration and testing.

Having manufactured software in India via outsourcing arrangements since 2008, SFW has the experience and proven processes that enable it to blend offshore and UK development, successfully. The establishment of SFW India as a direct subsidiary and the opening of new offices allow it to embark on the next phase of growth and integration with the UK and further extend physical and data security as required. SFW India now has a working environment designed to enhance collaboration, with significant provision for further expansion, and offers improved career opportunities. It also provides a platform for domestic sales within India.

Speaking about the transition and official opening, SFW Director Peter Hornsby said “This is a great day for SFW and is a very significant milestone in SFW’s 21 year history. SFW India has grown 7-fold in the last 5 years and is now ready to become a fully-fledged operation in its own right, with further room to double in size again. I am delighted with the achievements to date and look forward to continued success.”

Steve Elliott also added, “SFW India gives SFW’s clients further access to the outstanding technical talent that is available in India. Peter and I aim to continue as we started, hiring top talent so that SFW India becomes not only a centre of technical excellence, but also somewhere people aspire to work.”

“SFW India,” he continued “provides a global platform for SFW’s operations, allowing it increased access to markets and offering new opportunities to deliver excellently engineered software.”

About SFW India

The SFW India operation was initially established in 2008 to support, and be an integral part of, SFW’s project delivery for its clients. Since then, SFW has grown significantly and the SFW India operation has grown 7-fold. In September 2013, SFW India Pvt. Ltd was officially opened to help SFW better support its core clients and growing global client base which includes government bodies in Asia and in India.
SFW India complements the SFW UK resources - providing highly qualified, highly skilled software development, testing, infrastructure and applications support technicians, whilst offering an improved and attractive service model for all SFW clients.

About SFW

SFW is a British ICT consultancy, established in 1992, that delivers Agile Software Application Services to Public and Private sector organisations – helping them transform their services into digital applications, streamline processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. 
SFW’s services span the IT lifecycle and beyond, including Advisory, Agile Delivery, Application Management and Secure Hosting.  Its approach is underpinned by disciplined development and management methodologies, ITIL-compliant service management and a commitment to quality, the environment and security (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 accredited). This ensures SFW consistently and securely delivers service excellence to its clients.

With an enviable reputation for helping clients reduce cost, add value and attain real benefits, faster and better, SFW's quality of performance and desire to provide innovative and useful applications make it the preferred and trusted, long term technology partner for many UK and pan-European government agencies.

More Information
For further information about SFW India Pvt Ltd, please contact: Catriona Anderson, +44 1483 722219 , 
Steve Elliott (left) and Peter Hornsby (right)
Steve Elliott (left) and Peter Hornsby (right)


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