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SFW Awarded Digital Services supplier status
14 November 2013
SFW Awarded Supplier Status on Digital Services Framework to support the delivery of the Government Digital Strategy

SFW Ltd is delighted to announce that it has achieved supplier status on the Digital Services Framework, which was created to support the delivery of the Government Digital Strategy. SFW was successful in the following capabilities: Embedding Agile, Content Design and Development, Front End Design and Interaction Design, Software Engineering and Support and User Research – ensuring that Public Sector bodies can access its broad range of value-led whole-life digital services, through the convenience of a framework.

The Digital Services Framework was created because the Government Digital Strategy committed the Government to ensuring all new or redesigned digital services meet the Digital by Default (DbD) Standard from April 2014. These services are also required to align with the Government Service Design Manual (GSDM) - a pool of guidance and advice about how to design and build digital services from teams across Government. Achieving this means Government customers need easy access to the right digital capabilities, behaviours and mindsets at the right price. As an Agile SME, SFW met these criteria and, as such, has been included on the framework, offering its customisation and configuration expertise, advice and support, where required throughout the whole IT lifecycle.
Steve Elliott, SFW Director commented “It’s great that SFW has achieved supplier status on the Digital Services Framework – this makes it easier than ever for Public Sector Organisations to access timely, cost-effective, quality services from SFW. With the Government IT Procurement approach moving towards Cloud-First, more commoditised services and rationalised infrastructure, SFW’s inclusion demonstrates the relevance of its whole-life service offerings and its alignment with the GDSM phases: giving customers access to SFW’s services at any phase of the IT lifecycle – for the whole of the lifecycle or just a given phase.”
Elliott continued, “SFW offers Public Sector clients a wealth of experience in, and deep understanding of, Public Sector delivery needs – over 80% of SFW’s clients are Public Sector organisations and SFW has worked with over 80 different organisations since the Public Sector became SFW’s key focus in 2000. SFW’s presence on Digital Services, as well as G-Cloud and ConsultancyONE frameworks, means that it’s never been easier for Public Sector clients to access SFW’s breadth of offerings quickly, and at a lower overall procurement cost whatever the IT requirement.”
“SMEs are a key driver for our economic growth, but in the past it was far too difficult for them to win business with government because of unnecessary and bureaucratic procurement procedures. That’s why we have reformed how government buys public services and streamlined the procurement process to make sure we’re attracting the most competitive, innovative suppliers, including SMEs,” said Bill Crothers, government chief procurement officer.
Francis Maude, minister for the Cabinet Office, said: “The Digital Services framework shows how we are leveling the playing field for government contracts and living up to our ambition to support growth by giving opportunities to new entrants and smaller suppliers who can deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions based on user need.”

About Digital Services Framework

The Digital Services Framework was designed to support the delivery of the Government Digital Strategy and
  • Provide easy access to suppliers with the right capabilities, who comply with the Digital by Default Standard and align with the Government Service Design Manual
  • Be open to all capable suppliers, from SMEs to the agile practices of the traditional tier-one / system integration suppliers
  • Ensure sufficient supplier capacity to enable the delivery of digital projects at multiple UK locations
  • Provide a flexible and speedy route to meet Government customers’ digital project commissioning requirements.

How to Buy

The Digital Services Customer catalogue will be available shortly and will enable easy search and filter on any, or all, of the framework criteria including digital capability by project phase, role (junior and senior levels), location and technology or language.

Contracting Bodies may place orders for any of the Digital Services by issuing invitations for further competitions for the majority of project service requirements.  Direct award, subject to a price and requirements matching process within the Catalogue, will be available for the call-off of specific resources that may be required for low value, short term, ad-hoc project team roles.

About SFW

SFW is a British SME that Delivers Value, Digitally via Agile Software Application Services to Public and Private sector organisations – helping them transform their services into digital applications, streamline processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

SFW’s services span the IT lifecycle and beyond, including Advisory, Agile Delivery, Application Management and Secure Hosting.  Its approach is underpinned by disciplined development and management methodologies, ITIL-compliant service management and a commitment to quality, the environment and security (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 accredited). This ensures SFW delivers service excellence, consistently and securely, to its clients.

Since inception in 1992, SFW has gained an enviable reputation for helping clients reduce cost, add value and attain real benefits, faster and better. With over 15 years’ successful delivery to the Public Sector, SFW's quality of performance and desire to provide innovative and useful applications make it the preferred and trusted, long term technology partner for many UK and pan-European government agencies.

For more information about SFW, its products, services and solutions, please visit
For any press-related queries contact Catriona Anderson, or call 01483 722219


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