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Natural Resources Wales chooses CRM for digital design
15 February 2016
Natural Resources Wales awards SFW two-year contract for CRM-based regulatory applications, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

SFW is working with Natural Resources Wales to implement a strategic programme of Microsoft Dynamics Online solutions focussed on user-centric digital design for complex regulatory processes.

The Welsh Government environmental regulator manages natural resources across Wales – protecting people and the environment in dealings with the marine, forest and waste industries.

NRW has chosen Microsoft Dynamics Online as a modern, cloud-based technology platform which is easily adaptable for each of its 40+ regulatory responsibilities and flexible enough to accommodate changes in demand, user needs or legislation. 

So far, SFW has delivered beautifully simple and user centric solutions for Hazardous Waste Registrations, Planning Advice and Waste Regulation. The next solution for Water Abstraction Licensing is well underway, with Water Discharge Consents to follow.

In each case, the solution is carefully researched to meet a range of customer needs including those of users, stakeholder groups, other government departments, NDPBs and staff.

Each project also follows Government Digital Service (GDS) design principles - identifying user needs and focussing on reusability of existing and new elements.

During the Discovery phase, workshops are used to understand, document and prioritise user needs for each solution, and initial project backlogs are created.

Alpha phases deliver prototypes which identify user journeys through the proposed solutions, as well as using wire frames and mock ups to demonstrate possible scenarios and gather feedback.

In the Beta phases, SFW teams develop the solutions in iterative fortnightly sprints, with regular show-and-tell sessions among key stakeholders to gather feedback and amend the system prior to deployment into the production environments.

Richard Frost, ICT Transformation Project Manager for NRW, explains, “We are quickly starting to outgrow our current regulatory software and need solutions that will give our customers the best digital experience whilst at the same time enabling us to scale services when required, operate more efficiently and more cost effectively. The delivery of the solutions has been rapid and has provided NRW with systems that are a significant improvement on, and more cost effective than, their predecessors.”
About NRW
  • Natural Resources Wales is a Welsh Government Sponsored Body. Its purpose is to ensure that the natural resources of Wales are sustainably maintained, enhanced and used, now and in the future


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