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Cheaper Energy for All?
03 November 2014
Handing over your thermostat to your electricity company could save 20% on your energy bills.

Did you know that the price of energy changes at half-hourly intervals? And did you know that the energy price that consumers pay is an average of all of those prices, which some claim to be somewhat on the high side?

If you did, then you will probably also be aware that a new challenger in the energy market is due to emerge this month: SFW's client Tempus Energy.

Tempus Energy, the brainchild of its Managing Director Sara Bell, operates using a model that incorporates the market and price changing effects that renewables are having on the price of energy. Its system allows customers to take advantage of the lowest prices so they maximise their savings. How this will affect the energy market and the big six suppliers at the moment is uncertain, but this could be the beginning of a step change in the supply and demand model.
For more information, read "Handover power to your energy company - and cut your bills" by Geoffrey Lean, published in the Telegraph last week

SFW is working with Tempus Energy  - providing the IT development and delivery capability to help them achieve their business objectives and their vision for the future of the energy market.


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