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SFW’s climate systems help implementers and customers of environmental programmes to manage processes and data as part of regulatory or voluntary programmes aimed at the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Delivered across three continents, our advisory services help shape the IT aspects of national programmes, from market readiness in emerging carbon markets to system design and architecture for those with legislative targets and commitments.  
In tandem, our climate products are used by seven countries in Europe spanning the stationary energy, offshore and maritime sectors. Included in our portfolio are a national Kyoto-compliant registry for the management of compliance markets, a voluntary registry for the management of voluntary market schemes and the ETSWAP MRV system for handling the implementation, monitoring and reporting of GHG data.
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Advisory Service

At SFW we cover the IT systems and architecture required to shape and determine a country’s commitment to the implementation of carbon markets.

Within emerging carbon markets, this normally takes the form of technical consultancy projects carried out in specialist consortia to plan the IT aspects for market readiness, while others will be preparing an inventory of climate assets (e.g. fixed emitters or natural resources such as forestry), providing strategy and legislative options. SFW focuses on the technology and systems required to bring this to fruition, providing architectural blueprints, costs, plans and, where necessary, software designs and software components.

Within countries with established GHG mitigation schemes, we provide the technology to extend or refresh current systems to cover new market sectors, such as maritime, and establish more advanced reporting systems. We also apply methods such as electronic reporting standards (XETL) for the classification, collection, validation and exchange of data between stakeholders.

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Advisory Services
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Compliance Registries for Emissions Trading

Central to all national commitments to reduce GHG emissions is a Registry - holding the carbon units for the agencies and organisations participating in the scheme. On the basis of these carbon units, and dependent on the specific regulatory framework, the registry manages the flow of units between all stakeholders and in some cases to and from external registries.

Within Europe the overarching compliance scheme governing GHG reduction is the EU ETS, a set of policies designed to combat climate change and reduce industrial greenhouse gases. Each country manages their national registry commitments, which records all intra- and inter-country transactions of carbon units. All transactions are submitted to the EUTL (European Union Transaction Log), and some are also submitted to the UNFCCC’s International Transaction Log (the ITL), to ensure the security of carbon trade and that the books balance among all participants.

Working for the UK government, SFW has been instrumental in shaping technical features, maintaining software and managing performance for the majority of the EU's 27 registries.

Our registry software products, domain and design knowledge allow us to provide, customise and maintain not only ITL connected registries but also related voluntary registries, accounting for carbon units produced within voluntary schemes.

Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)

Before the national registry, the first building block for countries participating in climate change mitigation programmes is the establishment of an MRV process and the information systems to support it.

An MRV system monitors, verifies and reports on the GHG outputs from targeted operators in industrial sectors or specific classes of emitters.

SFW works extensively in this field, providing advisory services, systems design and programme implementation, as well as supporting the MRV process in a variety of regimes with our fully integrated software product, known as ETSWAP.

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