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Tempus Energy
Energy provider drives change through technology innovation

Tempus Energy, a new entrant into the UK electricity market, relies on bespoke technology to support its ambitious vision to change energy supply for the better.

Letting the technology do the hard work

Tempus is challenging the supply models of the major providers and in doing so offers substantially cheaper electricity, primarily to users on half hour tariffs but also to the domestic consumer.

Bespoke technology enables it to manage electricity market prices to match customers with the best available price at all times.

Tempus uses algorithms and smart equipment to automatically shift usage away from expensive times and into periods when prices are lower, such as during the night or times when renewable generation is very active.

Driving business results from large volumes of data

SFW worked with Tempus during the company’s start-up phase to implement the core data gathering and prediction algorithm, on which the energy traders would base their decisions.

It also provided the infrastructure on which this system ran - within SFW’s virtual private cloud environment at a secure data centre.

Developers built the system to allow for easy scalability in the future and included a web based administration portal for Tempus employees to interact with data more easily. A database was used to store consumption, weather and spot market data and to allow the system to create complex data queries.

During the project the development team measured electricity use in their own homes to get first-hand knowledge of the opportunities offered by demand flexibility.

Tempus is due to go operational in 2015.



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