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Security Industry Authority
Regulator saves money with new approach to hosting and support

The Security Industry Authority (SIA), regulator for the UK’s private security industry, wanted to streamline hosting and support for its website and a second online application.

Resiliency, flexibility and a new dedicated test environment

Building on the firm foundations of a 10 year relationship, SIA asked SFW to host and support its website and Online Achievement Record (OLAR). Although broadly fit for purpose, the underlying platform for OLAR needed an upgrade to ensure continued support from Microsoft and a move to virtualised hosting promised greater resiliency.

The project’s primary objectives:

  • Merged hosting arrangements - upgrading OLAR to use the same SharePoint platform as the website and simplifying the infrastructure by bringing both applications together to run from the same servers.
  • New virtualised infrastructure – deploying and managing both sets of servers on a dual stripe architecture in the same datacentre, run by our partners at The Bunker - delivering 99.95% uptime and kept running for routine patching and maintenance.
  • Separate test environment – allowing changes to the website to be demonstrated to SIA prior to deployment to the live environment.

Additionally, SFW continued to provide application support for both the website and the OLAR web application.

Lower costs, higher resilience

As well as providing a higher level of resiliency and a dedicated test environment, the new arrangements reduced hosting and operational management costs by an impressive 14%.

“SFW has consistently proven itself to be a supplier that we can count on when it really matters. When I ask for something, I know that it will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible – and I know that the people working on the project will have the technical expertise to do it RIGHT!”

Richard Allen, SIA



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