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Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
Kew introduces innovative EDRMS to support its diverse operations

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew needed a Cloud-based EDRMS for regulatory compliance and effective collaboration across its 1000-strong mobile workforce.

As well as being one of London’s top visitor attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kew is also world famous for plant science and conservation.

Kew’s information management needs were as diverse as its operations - from scientific research and visitor management to charitable campaigns and publications.

Its EDRMS implementation needed to support these diverse ways of working across the enterprise but remain accessible and easy to use.


  • Enhance diverse business operations via IT innovation across a distributed and mobile workforce
  • Provide a platform that will support the new file plan, facilitate compliance with legislation and standards and is suitable for a complex organisation
  • Reduce risks relating to compliance and digital continuity inherent in information storage across a variety of content repositories and manual document lifecycle controls
  • Reduce costs through actively managed content storage, reduced paper-based record management overhead and efficiencies of a cloud Software as a Service strategy
  • Increase organisational efficiency by enhancing the ability to access and exploit data and information

An EDRMS that allows people to work instinctively

SFW designed and developed an EDRMS on the Office 365 platform. A pragmatic, flexible and compliant solution, it will enhance online and offline ways of working and enable retention of document, email and paper based records.

The team designed an innovative decision tree to lead Kew stakeholders through key EDRM options - avoiding common solution pitfalls. The design put business users, and their primary tasks, at the centre of the solution. As with all good EDRMS, it will allow people to work instinctively, without records management training, to achieve high uptake and good compliance as a result.

A productive partnership and a bright future

Kew’s fit-for-purpose and compliance-capable EDRMS will have a major positive impact on the productivity of its workforce. Simply by using the system, business users contribute to Kew’s compliance.

Together, SFW and the Kew project team achieved:

  • Clear implementation strategy
  • Network of information champions
  • A pragmatic, structured and consistent way of managing the corporate information landscape
  • The foundations for improving workforce productivity via enhanced information sharing and reduced content duplication
  • A framework for an improved regulatory compliance capability across document, email and paper records
Kew introduces innovative EDRMS to support its diverse operations


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