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European Commission
Reducing emissions from shipping

The European Commission is championing a global approach to reducing emissions from the shipping sector.

Maritime transport and greenhouse gas data collection and management

Shipping is a large and growing source of the greenhouse gas emissions which are causing climate change. Maritime operators already gather huge amounts of data regarding fuel usage and safety compliance, as well as environmental and financial performance. Hence any new EU regulation needed to look at how existing data and systems could be re-used, as well as providing simple and secure methods of capturing and exchanging any additional relevant data.

Winning combination of GHG domain expertise and systems experience

The European Commission contracted SFW to advise on the implementation of a new EU-wide maritime monitoring, reporting and verification system for greenhouse gases.

SFW was able to demonstrate the benefits of using a robust data management framework to account for international best practices and future trends, and to support the long-term viability of data management for the maritime sector.

The proposed model recommended key rules to be adopted in implementing a new Maritime MRV system:

  • The Maritime MRV scheme should build on the maritime based data collection processes and systems already in place in both the shipping sector and the European Commission in order to be most effective and reduce the burden on industry.
  • It should use a modular and integrated approach to provide flexibility, scalability and interoperability, thus reducing the costs of implementation.

“SFW’s understanding of Greenhouse Gas Regulations, Monitoring, Reporting and Verification combined with their experience of building IT systems has resulted in good practical recommendations which can be easily adopted as part of the implementation.”

Julia Larkin – Maritime Lead, Ecofys



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