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EU project powers river restoration with Wiki

The RESTORE project addressed a shortcoming in knowledge transfer in Europe on river restoration activities.

Knowledge management platform brings experts together

RESTORE was an EU funded initiative to encourage the restoration of European rivers towards a more natural state and realise the associated benefits across member states.

SFW was asked by the Environment Agency to deliver an online ecosystem for policy makers, practitioners and researchers to share best practice and lessons learned around river restoration.

In line with government ICT strategy, the open source platform MediaWiki was chosen to create an interactive knowledge management system.

It works like Wikipedia, relying on the collective effort of many users and integrating with Google maps to provide spatial analysis of the data. Known as RiverWiki, the system fosters an environment of collaboration across borders through the collation and sharing of information.

Reduced flood risk is a major benefit

EU countries are realising the social and economic benefits which effective river restoration can provide:

  • Increasing ecological quality
  • Reducing immediate flood risk, particularly in populated areas
  • Helping to build plans and strategies for future flood prevention

“The creation of this public website has allowed users, for the first time, to share information on river restoration projects from around Europe.  The project has been successful and has resulted in the agency winning the award for the ‘Best of the Best – LIFE Environment Project’ in 2014”.

Toni Scarr – RESTORE Project Manager



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