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Complete management and tracking of GHG data

SFW developed ETSWAP to manage and track greenhouse gas data and information between industry, the regulators and the European Union.

The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) regulates greenhouse gases emissions from over 20,000 organisations across Europe. Heavy energy-consuming (fixed) installations in power generation and manufacturing, plus aviation operators need to monitor, report and verify (MRV) their emissions annually and buy sufficient “rights to emit” greenhouse gases. To manage and track greenhouse gas data and information between industry, the regulators and the European Union, SFW developed ETSWAP, a web-based workflow and data capture software application used for monitoring, reporting and verification of this data.

International pedigree

ETSWAP was designed and built in 2011 to the latest technical, security and usability standards to deliver a world-class application specifically aimed to meet the complex demands of a compliance, legislative, workflow and data-intensive market. To date ETSWAP has been delivered as a hosted application to the United Kingdom, Irish, Belgian and Icelandic governments; has been demonstrated internationally to leading climate change institutions and national governments as a benchmark of best practice for MRV-based markets; used as a blueprint for the creation of a number of technical specifications for emerging carbon markets including China, India and Morocco; and customised as a derivative product for other carbon related markets including the CCA scheme in the United Kingdom and as a combined MRV/Registry application for a major overseas environmental agency.

Feature rich

ETSWAP is the class-leading application for the automation of MRV processes and data management. Its features include an intuitive user interface for rapid take-up by industry and regulators; comprehensive workflow and data management for significantly reduced administration and eradication of paper-based systems; full EU ETS compliance for a complete end-to-end solution and ease of extension and adaptation for implementation into new sectors and regimes.

Ease of offering

ETSWAP is easily customisable for workflow, data and language needs and is available under licence in both on-premise and cloud-hosted SaaS versions.

“Development of the ETSWAP system was an ambitious project that could not have been done without a partnership between SFW, CDC Climat, the UK-EA and the government agencies for Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. We are delighted by the success of that partnership, with the result that ETSWAP has dramatically reduced the administrative burden for over a thousand operators, verifiers and agency staff. Using ETSWAP has helped us to capture accurate information very efficiently. The tracking features identify any problems by operators or verifiers at an early stage so we can step in to ensure all parties meet their legal obligations. The success of the whole project is also shown by the very positive feedback that we have received from operators.”

Sue Stocks, National Trading & Regulatory Services Manager, The Environment Agency, UK



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