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The SFW Story

The SFW Story

1985 was a pivotal point in the world of software development. It was the year that Microsoft launched Windows.

Peter Hornsby and Steve Elliott of SFW had watched the development of Windows with interest. They were among the first to realise that Windows could become the platform, not only for off-the-shelf applications like Microsoft’s own Office Suite, but to provide a framework and graphical user interface (GUI) for developing client-side applications for organisations. These organisations were looking for simple and easy to use desktop applications for addressing complex commercial and public processes.

SFW – Systems For Windows – was therefore born in 1992 initially to develop bespoke software solutions on Windows. The business grew, fuelled in part by the explosive dot com growth of the late nineties.

The next big impetus for growth came from the critical phase in the digital revolution – modernising government. SFW was at the forefront of the British government’s dramatic drive for digital transformation. Since 2005, SFW has helped over 100 government organisations to digitise their internal processes and interaction with the public, speeding and easing communication, reducing bureaucracy and red tape, and saving money.

Today SFW develops, deploys and manages software solutions across most of the major platforms and technologies. And now SFW is at the forefront of the move to the cloud. SFW is working with businesses and public bodies to take full advantage of the streamlining and shared resource costs that the cloud can provide.

In July 2016, SFW was acquired by Civica, a market leader in critical software applications, digital solutions and outsourcing services that help organisations transform the way they work.
Steve Elliott and Peter Hornsby set up SFW in 1992

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