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Workshop: Top Discovery Tools and Techniques

Date: Tuesday 13 December 2016

This event has taken place. Please contact Jayne for details of our next workshop in 2017. 

Picture1.pngJoin us to explore the growing kitbag of innovative discovery tools and find out which tools and techniques are right for you. This practical, lively and relevant session is designed for anyone delivering digital public services.

In this free workshop you’ll learn:

  • What the five phases of Discovery are
  • How to involve users and understand their needs
  • What the deliverables look like
  • Which software tools and techniques can help you


Webinar: SFW Plaza - Ready to go intranet for Office 365 

Date: Thursday 8 December 2016

This event has taken place. Watch the recording here.


This session is a live demo of SFW Plaza for housing associations.

On this webinar, we show you:

  • How Plaza fits seamlessly with the Office365 infrastructure
  • How Plaza’s elegant interface creates a better experience for end users
  • How easy it is to find content and for content editors to use the CMS
  • How our unique collaborative module provides secure workspaces for your teams and projects
  • How simple it is to get in touch with the right colleagues and promote a culture of conversation

Regulation-as-a-Service: Discover the future of digital regulation, licensing and permits in the public sector

Date: Thursday 13 October 2016

This event has taken place. 
To find out more - 
watch the video

Hear how Welsh Government department for the environment, Natural Resources Wales (NRW), have revolutionised the issuing and administration of environmental permits - and how this can be applied for all manner of environmental and business activity, potentially transforming how the public sector handles licensing, regulation and permits.


Explanatory Workshop on Discovery Tools and Techniques

Thursday 22 September 2016

This event has taken place. Please contact Jayne for details of our next workshop.  

Aimed at public sector colleagues working on digital service design in Public Safety and National Security, this FOC workshop explains how Discovery makes for higher levels of user adoption and services so good  that users instinctively prefer to use them. We'll show you a growing kitbag of innovative software tools to help you run Discovery activities more efficiently and more effectively.

Live Demo Webinar: SFW Plaza - Ready to go intranet product for the Office 365 environment

Thursday 14 July 2016

This event has taken place. Watch the recording here.

Designed for public sector organisations wanting to communicate more effectively, this session will be a live demo of SFW Plaza - a ready-to-go intranet product for the Office 365 platform that enables better internal communication and productivity.

Webinar Demo: Enterprise Records Management in SharePoint and Office 365

Wednesday 11 May 2016 

This event has taken place. Watch the recording here.

In a live demo we'll explain how RecordPoint can cost effectively transform your SharePoint and Office 365 investment into a fully automated records management solution. We’ll show how easy it is to build on your Microsoft investments to retain control, reduce risk and achieve full information management compliance, implemented in accordance with GDS best practice.



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